Let`s Get Cracking!


The Why Side of the Blog

This blog was started to promote, preserve and showcase my poetry, prose, and articles. It was born out of a need and a realisation to define and refine my career. Like life, writing is a continuous workshop.  In fact, readers and visitors should brace up for some moments of musing, ranting, re-inventing and even rumbling. A different type of thunder, please don`t wonder! On the menu are light moments too.

We are all Foodies and Fun-loving guests

Reading will be spiced with book reviews. To get a better understanding of the writer`s career, let us pretend we are foodies or people who are eating out in a restaurant. Relevant interviews will be ‘served’ at this Football of Fools table. Now let`s talk about what we could take as our confectionery course that will conclude the main meal in grand style.

No more Addicts and Additions

I see you are salivating. Already! Got you where I`ve always wanted you to be. Eating out of my hand. And organic produce for that matter. I like and appreciate that. Of course our savory items will not be made up of beverages, sweet foods, nuts, coffee or tea. We have enough addicts in that area. Trust me.


A Good Legacy of Clearing the Table

What about a word, a like, a phrase, a comment or a joke for dessert? That’s where you as the reader or visitor come in. Please ‘clear the table’ at the bottom of the blog post. Share, comment, (condemn!), muse or mumble: the key is yours. After all, that is what any form of dessert is about. CLEARING THE TABLE.

Welcome on board

It is a platform on which I hope and seek to connect with a diversity of readers, publishers, artists and writers. Thanks for coming over. A carpet has been rolled out in your honour. It`s shaped like a red heart. Mine.  Feel at home because your presence is precious. Your participation is a big bonus. Remember though, someone who gracefully and freely enters a restaurant and orders, eats and then sneaks out without paying a cent is a shoplifter. I wish that were delicious, but it`s not. This is not a scare either. In all honesty, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you and your footprints. By the way, it`s no crime to become a Football of Fools addict. If anything, we hope you`ve found a healthy and happy home away from home.

Enough of the pleasantries, the platitudes and the presages … I guess it`s time to get ahead of the game!




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